Our clients are our greatest assets, and they can be found in potentially every business sector. At Design Coffers, clients get to work directly with our agency’s designers, and we have found that this is partly responsible for the successes we have recorded in the past, because this interaction makes the design creation process more customer- centered. We have experience in working with marketers, marketing departments, and individuals in large, medium and small business enterprises, and we apply the highest levels of creativity, passion, and attention to detail on every project. Some of the works we have done for our amazing clients are also shown below.

Over the years, Design coffers has made various unique designs for clients based all over the world, and we have been telling the stories of the world’s best brands, through design. In addition, we have combined art and brand strategy to introduce innovative brands and businesses to the world. The list of our clients is by no means exhaustive; however, we hope to give you an idea of how vast our clientele is. We have helped create messaging and strategy for new concepts in entertainment, from magazines and brochures, to television and website. Our television-based clients have enjoyed redefined game-changing possibilities of narratives, and award winning digital experiences for their customers. Design coffers has also helped to develop retail enterprises into hospitality brands, through position, strategic planning, as well as digital design, and unite a diverse entertainment universe into a common brand with a smart and flexible design.

At Design coffers, we have also created brand identities, designs, and marketing for several renowned food-related businesses. For our software-related clients, we have helped create digital environments, marketing, and experiences to re-imagine spaces and capture these imaginations. Clients that have made use of our listing designs can attest to improved sales, thanks to our carefully crafted listing, and use of high resolution pictures. For our telecommunication based clients, we have helped up and coming brands to dominate their niches through wide ranging and long lasting partnerships. Meanwhile, our clients in charitable and non-governmental institutions have enjoyed an improved sense of unity, thanks to shared mission and values.

All around the world, Design Coffers have helped to energize a community of users with a shared love for design, one of the world’s fastest growing business intelligence tools. Our clients in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry can attest to our high quality, durable, eco-friendly, compelling and beautiful packaging designs, while those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry have equally enjoyed top notch packaging and accessory designs, all aimed at delighting customers, and setting the brands far ahead of competition.

Generally, any brand or business that is intentional about succeeding in its niche, and has actively decided to be on the positive side of change, is bound to achieve even more successes by partnering with us. This is because we are able to engage directly with you or your organization, through a clear and value-driven approach. This way, we can better create relevant and memorable identities, as well as brand experiences. Our desire is to have a positive impact on our clients, and on the entire world.

For you, the Design Coffers family is committed to a shared vision of a compassionate and supportive agency, and we foster the sharpest minds and the most talented creative to develop your brand or business. Our passion for impactful, meaningful, and creative connections will always lead us to have our client’s best intentions at heart. As you browse through the designs we have created for our clientele, we are confident that you will be impressed, and we hope it inspires you to get in touch with us. We’ll be waiting!